JustBicycles - Took my money gave me nothing HUGE Scam!

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I ordered a firmstrong urban deluxe for $325 from them and first they told me it was backordered and they had 45 days to send it or a replacement of their choice.At that point I asked what my options were as far as exchange for another bike or refund since this bike was for a camping trip with my family in three weeks.

I was then contacted by a lawyer of the same last name as the supposed owner informing me, I waived my first amendment right when I agreed to purchase from them and if I talked about the transaction or what they were telling me they would come after me legally.

I was told i could have a refund minus 20percent cancellation fee and they don't refund shipping but when I tried they wouldn't email me back, and good luck ever getting them to answer the phone .I wish I would have researched them first I paid the price this time.

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JustBicycles - Do not do business with Just Bicycles

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I ordered a bicycle and basket for my wife's birthday through this website.Although we did receive the bike we never received the basket.

We've made repeated attempts to contact this vendor to resolve this matter and they have been pretty much non-responsive and took no responsibility. When you call the phone number listed on the website it goes to someone's cell phone and the lady said she's received many calls like this from people that "never received their order period".

She said I was lucky that "at least I got my bike".I would NOT do business with this company ever again!!!!

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There appears to be a new owner who just took over the site so hopefully you have a better experience than I did. The old owner was terrible. Good luck!



I just noticed your post, and ordered a bike recently as well, for the same reason you did.

I am crossing my fingers it shows up. The charge has not cleared my CC and I wonder if I should stop the payment...

Thanks for the post, but I may have found it too late.

JustBicycles - Buyer Beware When Ordering!

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Watch yourself with this company.I ordered a Firmstrong beach cruiser bike that was "in stock".

I waited and waited beyond the shipping terms, then called and emailed. Finally, I got fed up and cancelled the order. Little did I know they would charge me a 20% restocking fee! After some discussion, they told me it's in their terms.

Yes, it is....under the heading "International Shipping" kind of hidden in the language. I got 80% of my money back with no apology. Nothing. Pathetic.

Spend additional money from a reputable dealer and shop elsewhere.I am filing a claim with my credit card company now.

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Justbicycles.com is a scam. They take your money, and to not order your bike.

I ordered a bike, paid shipping, paid insurance (optional) and paid to have it couriered urgently. I did not receive a confirmation but my cr card was charged. A couple weeks later I emailed them to trace the shipment. He asked what colour bike I wasn't and I hadn't paid enough shipping. I asked why I wasn't told and he totally flipped out. He was rude and absolutely shocking. I smelled a scam and asked for a refund. He did refend but kept 20 percent of everything! Even of the insrance, taxes, courier fees everything. I asked to speak to a manager and they again were so rude.

I think its one or two people running this out of a bedroom and running a scam. No inventory and when you follow up he purposely irrate so you cancel. Our bike that was 225 plus charges cost 100-thats far more than 20 percent of just the product.

Buyer beware!!

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JustBicycles - Just Bicycles- Worst company to deal with.

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Save yourself a lot of time and effort and don't both ordering anything online from them.

Point form the stuff that went wrong: (I ordered a mint green bike)

-Information online didn't transmit to them so they had no idea what my order was.

-After I sent them the exact order they confused my order saying that they didn't have BLUE in stock and that mint green, pink, etc. is what I could chose from. When I brought to their attention that I DID order mint green they changed their answer saying it wasn't in stock.

-I asked them multiple times WHEN they would expect it back in stock and they would never answer me. After multiple emails back and forth they asked for a second time what my exact order was.

-After a couple weeks of correspondence, the EXACT bike and colour was still listed on their website, available for another chump to order it and deal with the same *** I did.

-They charged me 20% of the total cost to refund without getting anything in return.

This is the worst experience I've ever had ordering anything online. I don't have unrealistic expectations but I did expect better than this. Stay away from this disorganized company.

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VLM no need to disparage Texas. We just passed the toughest Anti-Slapp law in the country. Your first amendment rights are protected so SPEAK OUT.


I have requested that my review be retracted.


I would like to retract my last post on June 24, 2011. I have asked this site to remove it multiple times.


Their policy on backorders and cancellations is under the heading "International Shipping and Customs/Duty taxes" and when I said I was going to expose them they sent me a copy of a libel suit they won against a customer. The bike I ordered was of course backordered and they said I had to wait 45 days to allow them to fill the backorder. Does Texas laws allow such companies to exist?

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I ordered a men's bike online at www.justbicycles.com and received a female's bicycle instead.Company incorrectly processed my order & refuses to admit fault.

I already paid $40 to have them ship me the wrong bike and it will cost me another $40 to ship back. They will issue a credit, less a 20% restocking fee. Therefore I will have paid $110.99 to return a bike I never ordered. Funny thing is that they failed to provide me a receipt after numerous requests, or a return voicemail/email.

By far, the absolute worst customer service experience I have ever had purchasing online. Internet Businesses that practice unethically hurt e-commerce for all. Be fore-warned to read their return policy completely.

Remember you will be held culpable for any fault caused by them....Jake or Sarah.

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If you do not understand any of the terms of this Limitation of Warranty and Liability or their implications, please consult an attorney. This limitation on warranty and liability IS PART OF THE TERMS OF SALE, CONSTITUTES A BINDING AGREEMENT, AND MAY BE ENFORCED AGAINST YOU. In addition, Purchaser agrees that the total of any and all liability, regardless of fault, shall be limited to the total of your bicycle purchase with Seller or $200.00 whichever is greater.

Under no circumstances are we liable for third-party claims against you for losses or damages; loss of or damage to your records or data; or consequential damages (including lost profits or savings) or incidental damages, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.



Just bicycles is inept, unethical, and the owner is a Texas attorney.



Beware :(


I ordered a bike n they took the money out but had no record of my name. Straight SCAM!!!!

JustBicycles - Just Bicycles.Com is a SCAM!

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My boyfriend and I were very excited to order new bikes for our upcoming vacation. JustBicycles.com ruined that for us. Mainly Jake the owner.

The bikes that were listed on his website were not in stock. He would not get back to us. He charged our credit card with out confirming the order with us. When I called him to address the subject he proceeded to yell and curse at me. I have never been spoken to like that. It is one thing to have an employee treat a customer badly (still wrong) but for the owner?!?!

This place has scam written all over it. STAY AWAY from justbicycles.com" They are liars and cheats!

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You said it. What comes around goes around:)

Mr. Colton can burn in he!!


Did you eventually get your bikes or money back?

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